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GNW Campaign 1706, part VI, Russian & Swedish troops in Baltic provinces

To complete a snapshot of the opposing forces in the end of October 1705 I decided to add materials about Swedish & Russian troops in Baltic provinces. They were not directly involved in the 1705-06 winter campaign but their presence influence on the decisions of an opposing party. 
A little bit later I will put all opposing Corps on the map & make a complex table.
Russians troops in Baltic provinces (troops strength is taken from a table dated 10 Feb 1706).
Garrison of Dorpat, K. Naryshkin: 1 Foot (F. Balk), 3 Pskov Streltzy (F. Karr, 550; Polibin, ab. 270; Rukh, ab. 270), 2 Reitar (Murzenok, Nazimov) – totaled ab. 2,500-3,000.
Garrison of Narva: 3 Foot (Y. Bush, A. Bolobonov, I. von Fichtingheim – totaled 3,781); in Ivangorod – A. Inglis Foot (1,267); near Narva – 2 Foot (B. Dorogomilov, 655; S. Strekalov, unknown) & 200 mounted Cossacks from Astrakhan.
Garrison of Shlotburg (Noteburg): V. Poroshin Foot (1,320)
S. Peterburg: 7 Foot (Governor’s, Commandant GM Bruce, Hamilton, Urn, Sharf, Tolbugin, Ostrovskiy, Savvenkov – totaled 6,947), 4 Dragoons (1st Ingermanland under S. Deidute, 969; Povier de Kilbosen, 1,293, raised in summer 1705, till spring 1706 dismounted & poor equipped; Monastyrev, 1,064, raised in summer 1705, till spring 1706 dismounted & poor equipped; Putyatyn, 565, raised in autumn 1705 from Novgorod feudal levy), 948 Astrakhan Cossacks under Bekhmetiev, 113 Zaporozskiy Cossacks
Kronslot: T. Treiden Foot (1,208), 102 Cossacks
Olonec: 2 Foot (Smith & Mikishev)
Novgorod: M. Baishev Streltzy
Pskov: ???
Koporie: 400 Streltzy
Yam/Yamburg: 200 Streltzy
So, total Russians had 18 Foot, 4 Streltzy, 4 Dragoon (incl. 2 dismounted & poorly armed), 2 Reitar (Pskov region feudal levy) regiments & ab. 1,500 mounted Cossacks. It gives about 23-25,000 men.
Swedish troops in Baltic provinces, Finland & Karelia
Livland: Besides Riga Swedish garrison also stayed in Pernau. It consisted of 2 regiments: Garnisonsregemente i Pernau under Pistolekors & M. Niroth.
Estland: After defeats in 1701-04 field army of Livland was disbanded & the only military troops in Esland were garrison of Reval. In 1705 it consisted of 4 regiments: de la Gardie, B. Mellin, B. Pahlen, Abo, Björneborgs och Nylands lams tremanningsregemente – total ab. 3,500 (estimated), no cavalry
Finland: Army of Finland & garrison troops under Maidel consisted of 2 Infantry regiments (Welling & Tavastahus), 6 ”fordubling” battalions (Abo, Björneborgs, Tavastehus, Nylands, Viborgs, Savolax), 4 Reitar regiments (Drottingen; Abo läns fördubblingsregemente; Nylands fördubblingsregemente; Karelska fördubblingsregementet), Welling Dragoons & Finska Ståndsdragonskvadronen. My estimation is that all Swedish troops in Finland were about 7-8,000. Some of the Maidel’s troops were in garrison of Vyborg & Kexholm, the rest were in field army in southern Karelia (they investigated Neva banks several times in summer 1705).  

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