пятница, 6 мая 2011 г.

Siege of Julich 1621-22 by P. Snayers

Michal "Kadrinazi" placed a fine paint by Paulus von Hillegaert in his blog
My favorite painter is Peeter Snayers. His paints are always full of details. And one of the most favorite one is the Siege of Julich 1621-22. It presents details of the Spanish fortifications around the city & a cavalry cornet.
 Snayers P. A siege of a city, thought to be the siege of Gulik by the Spanish under the command of Hendrik van den Bergh, 5 September 1621-3 February 1622 
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  1. Snayers if of course great and I posted few fragments of his paintings on my blog but I dislike the way he painted faces (those odd, long noses...) and that's why from time to time I need to put him at rest and post other Dutchman ;)

  2. Hopefully not - look at the faces of Lithuanian light cavalry at his painting of battle of Kircholm...