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Streltzy standard from Moscow Kremlin Armory.

Streltzy colours are still unexplored topic. From one hand we have Palmquist’s description of the Moscow Streltzy colours in 1674. They are very simply: cross, border & stars. Some documents & survived colours are of the same type. From other hand we have a lot of documents & survived colours (mostly so-called Salaty trophies) of the absolutely different type. They are rich decorated by Saint’s images, stars, “herbs”, mottos, etc. By the way, at the Salaty Swedes captured colours of the both types.  
Standard of unknown Streltzy unit
belonged to 9th sotnia/company, end of 17 c.
Moscow Kremlin Armory
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I assume that the most of Streltzy had two sets of colours. Parade set was rich decorated with Saints, Orthodox Cross, “herbs”, stars, etc. Cloths were silk. All decorations embroidered or sewed on with using of gold & silver fibers. For everyday & campaign duties Streltzy used simple-styled colours. They were decorated with Orthodox Cross, a cross, stars & simple “herbs”. Decorations were painted or sewed on. Most of materials were cheap & simple.
At the left is a Streltzy standard from Moscow Kremlin Armory collection. It is silk, the size is 102x112 cm, so it looks like a standard. Some Streltzy troops were mounted, in this case they had standards, not colours.  It could be also a reitar standard, but they usually had a fringe & tassels. This standard is without them. Number of stars usually meant the number of “sotnia” (company). This standard had 9 stars, so evidently it belonged to the 9th “sotnia”. In 1862 it was in S-Peterburg. Next year it was transferred to Moscow Kremlin Armory together with 2 other such colours (with 5 & 8 stars respectively). 
Moscow Streltzy colours in 1674 (Palmquist)
Example of the rich decorated Streltzy colours, 1680-1690s

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