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GNW campaign 1706, part VIII: actions in November 1705

Carl XII evidently made decision about winter campaign 1705-06 in the beginning of November. He decided to gather his, Niroth’s & Stromberg’s troops in Warszawa & then march to Hrodno against Russian main army. Rehnskiold was left in Poland to protect main army’s back. As far as I understand Carl didn’t aware a lot about possible temporary loss of Warszawa or any other Polish city & didn’t leave any significant garrisons. Basing on Russian sources I assume that he sent an order to Stromberg about his march to Warszawa not later than November 10th & Stromberg left the town around 15-18th of November, because allies in Hrodno got news that Swedes left Cracow around 22-25th of November.
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I – 7th of November. Swedish troops took Plock. Russians estimated them of 800-900 mounted & several coys of infantry. Plus about 3,000 of Poles under Potocki.
II – Smigelski with around 500-1,000 ravaged right bank of Narewa river & moved on the left bank under Henskin brigade’s protection. Henskin placed on the right bank of Narewa Ostafiev Dragoons, the rest 4 regiments of his brigade stayed on the other bank.
III – Lewenhaupt left in Riga around 100 dragoons & sent the rest of his cavalry on winter quarters in Livland (Walk, etc.). Around 500 Swedes appeared near Dorpat & had several encounters with Murzenok reitars around the town on 11-14th of November.
IV - Mid of November – Stromberg left Cracow to Waszawa with all his troops (4 IRs). In Cracow stayed only weak Stanislaw’s troops & cadres for new foot & dragoons.
V - Mid of Novemder – Smigelski raided right bank of Wistula river from Bug river to Sandomir.
VI - 24th of November (speculative, no exact date found) – Allies in Hrodno got news about Stromberg’s abandonment of Cracow. They decided to send GL Brause with several Saxon troops & 7,000 of Cossacks to take Sandomir & Cracow.
VII - 28th of November (speculative; the order was sent from Hrodno on Nov. 26, 1705) – Mazepa split his troops. He sent Chernigov & Gadych territorial pulks & Tanskoy enlisted mounted regiment to Sandomir to join Brause.
VIII - In the end of November Smigelski clashed at Sandomir about 300 of Stanislaw’s enlisted troops & then marched to Cracow
IX - 30th of November. A detachment of Henskin’s dragoons attacked Plock with 200 Swedes. Russians captured 1 ensign & 70 privates & killed the rest.
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P.S. I updated the locations if you compare them with my post “Part VII”. The original Part VII will be updated soon. 

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