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Lithuanian choragwies of Sigismund III’s reign

I found a couple of images of the Lithuanian powiatowy choragwies in a book about Belorussian towns & castles. They are dated “end of XVI c. – first half of XVII c.”. Two of them have Sigismund III’s title (1587-1632). I would be very appreciating for any additional details/info about these standards/choragwies.
Choragwie of Grodno

Choragwie of Slonim

Choragwie of Trocki

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  1. Very interesting finding here! Standards looks very simple, sadly no dates except useful information about being from reign of Zygmunt III. Case is that, unless it was explained in text, we cannot say they are really 'powiatowe' (enlisted troops) and not noble levy from there areas. There weren't many occasions when either powiatowe or levy were rised during king's reign, although they're fielded against Swedes in 1621-1622 and 1625-1626; I guess that can narrow field of study.

  2. There is no reference to the source or any additional details in the text. The only Lithuanian standard I know is the green standard of 1649 from Mstislaw (see MAA for details, previously the standard was in Moscow Kremlin Armory)

  3. Excellent stuff gentlemen! I take it, these standards have survived long enough to be documented?

  4. As far as I understood, the flags are now in "B. Zbrojowna Krasinskich" in Warsawa. I don't know what it means. Michal, may you help us?