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Lithuanian standards lost at Janiski on 2/12 February 1703

Standard of Kociell Wallachian choragwie
lost at Janiski, 2/12 Feb 1703
Штандарт валашской хоругви Козила 
(State Trophy Collection,
Armemuseum, Stockholm)
UPDATED on 9 March 2013

Janiski is situated in the Northern Lithuania not far from the border with Courland. In the end of January of 1703 it was occupied by a Lithuanian detachment of 6 choragwies from Grigoriy Oginski Corps. On 2/12 February of 1703 they were attacked & defeated by a Swedish detachment under lieutenant-colonel Kristian Bruckner with 441 men (click for details). According to Swedish relation Lithuanians lost about 200 killed & 9 captured. Swedes took 2 colours, 3 cattle-drums & food supplies.

Bengt Nilsson kindly shared with me with Kort berattelse huruledes Ofwerst Lieutnanten af Hallsinge regementet Walborne H:r Christian Bruckner med sitt partie utur Mitau slog 6 compagnier af Oginski trouppars uti Janiski d. 2 febr. 1703 Anno (printed in 1907). According to it the large torn standard belonged to Mikolai Oginski, podskarbi nadworni litewski, Pancerni chorgwie. The second red-yellow standard belonged to Kociell, kastelan of Samogitia, Wallachian choragwie. 

Литовские штандарты, захваченные в бою в Яничках 12 февраля 1703 г.

Standard of Mikolai Oginski Pancerni choragwie
lost at Janiski, 2/12 Feb 1703
Штандарт панцерной хоругви Николая Огинского, 
потерянный при Яничках 12 февраля 1703
(State Trophy Collection, Armemuseum, Stockholm)
В начале февраля 1703 Янички, расположенные в северной Жмуди недалеко от границы с Курляндией, были заняты 6 литовскими хоругвями из отряда старосты жмудского Григория Огинского. 12 февраля литовцы были атакованы шведским отрядом подполковника Кристиана Брюкнера, численностью 441 чел (см подробнее). После непродолжительного боя литовцы бежали, потеряв, по шведским данным, около 200 убитыми и 9 пленными. Шведам также достались 2 знамени, 3 пары литавр и все собранные запасы продовольствия.

Благодаря Б. Нильссону удалось найти отчет Брюкнера об этом бое. В нем указано, что большая хоругвь принадлежала панцерной хоругви Николая Огинского, подскарбия литовского. Второй трофейный штандарт принадлежал валашской хоругви Козила, кастелана Самогитии. 

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    1. Unfortunately info about Oginski's troops in winter of 1702-03 evidently doesn't survive.

  2. For events in Courland 1702-1703 there is a manuscript by Carl Magnus Stuart (or at least commissioned by him). At least three copies exist. One is in the Royal Library and most likely once belonged to A. L. Lewenhaupt and two others are in Riksarkivet. The archive of the Swedish Governor of Courland still exist (or at least parts of it) among the papers of the Dukes of Courland (in Riga). I think Hugo Uddgren is the only Swedish historian who have looked at them and that was before World War I. Therein could possibly be more material about this event.

  3. According to this manuscript Brüchner had a more combined force, with noth cavalry and dragoons for various units. Among those mentioned are Albedyhl's (later Schreiterfelt's) dragoons and the "Swedish" dragoons (which should be Wennerstedt's).

    For what it's worth this manuscript also give details about the Lithuanian units and their company commanders.

  4. I can add that the manuscript also contain a drawing of the captured trophies and to which companies they belonged.

    1. It sounds great! I also found some additional materials for 1702 campaign incl. journal of Bykhow siege & campaign journal of Smolensk troops in autumn-winter 1702