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Standards of the Russian dragoon regiments in the Narva campaign 1700

Last year I published an article about Russian dragoon colors 1700-06 (Великанов В.С. Знамена русских драгунских полков 1700-09. // Совместный выпуск «Военно-исторического журнала» и журнала «Старый Цейхгауз», посвященный 300-летнему юбилею Полтавского сражения. М. 2009. с. 82-88). This spring thanks to Dan Schoor & with his great assistance we made an updated English summary of the article. Dan made a great drawings of the several standards based on their descriptions. You can find the full material at the Dan’s site: www.northernwars.com. Unfortunately it’s frequently inaccessible due to the monthly limits of downloads/traffic. It’s better to visit the site in the beginning of a month when the limit is not exceeded. Here in the blog I will place some photos from Army Museum (Stockholm) with my comments/attribution.
Russian army in the Narva campaign of 1700 included 2 dragoon regiments: Schnevetc (also known in 1700 as Golovin after the Division commander; since 1706 – Kievskiy) & Gulitc (or Weide’s; 1706 – Moskovskiy). The first one was raised in 1698 & consisted in 1700 of 12 coys. The second was raised in 1700 & was of 10 coys.  Both received one white regimental colour (carried by the 1st company) and colored ones for the remaining companies.

Regimental color / standard
Schnevetc Dragoons, 1698-1700

Company Standard
Schenevetc Dragoons, 1698-1700
Pay attention on the finial: it's of pre-1700 pattern

Schnevetc regimental colour was white, size 107x139 cm, with gold palm breaches, a brown Russian double-headed eagle with golden scepter and globe under three gold crowns, and a gold ribbon with motto “Симъ побъждаю враги своя” (Win over my enemies by this). Company colors were black, 100x137 cm, with gold palm branches and a straight cross, and a silver ribbon with the same motto “Симъ побъждаю враги своя” (Win over my enemies by this). The finial is flat with cutout Orthodox Cross. At Narva in 1700, the Shnevetc Dragoons lost their regimental and 5 company colours.

Regimental color
Gulitc Dragoons, 1700

Company standard
Gulitc Dragoons, 1700

Finial of 1700 pattern.
It was used both in infantry & dragoon regiments raised in 1700
Gulitc regimental colour was white, 105x133 cm, with a black eagle with 3 gold crowns above, gold scepter and globe. There was no ribbon with motto. Company colours were green, 98x140 cm, silver (in documents concerning their production – gold) palm branches, silver straight cross, silver ribbon with motto «Симъ знакомъ побъждаю» (Win by this sign), and 8 gold stars. Colours in the Swedish Trophy Collection are without fringe and tassels but documents about their production mention them both in gold. The finial is a St. Andrew’s cross. The regiment was raised in 1700 and the finial was the same as for infantry colors of 1700 pattern. At Narva, the Gulitc Dragoons lost their regimental and 8 company colours (the Swedes reported the capture of the regimental and 6 company colours).

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