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Patent given to Lukas Rosudowski to raise a Cossack Choragwie in Minsk, Dec 1654

Source: Виленская комиссия для разбора древних актов. Т.34. Акты относящиеся ко времени войны за Малороссию. 1909. C. 29-30. (Some parts of the text are translated into the Russian by a publisher)

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  1. salve,
    you meant a 'letter of recruitment' or Fr. 'lettre de retenue' and not a 'pattern' - right?

    A very fine document of Polish-Lithuanian military history indeed, great primary source for the students of that military history. Eg some detail re: strength, horses and firearms - this koazacka banner was to have 120 horsemen, each towarzysz (companion) and pacholik (retainer) a bandolet (carbine) and a pair of pistols, and a good horse per each horseman... Curiously the King says at the end_ 6th year of our Polish rule and 7th year of our Swedish rule (as king) :)

  2. What is even more interesting - Rossudowski's banner of 120 horses existed since at least 1653, as it took part in muster from 7th of September 1653! It was disbanded in middle of 1659, since 1656 serving in grand hetman Sapieha's division (right wing division) of Lithuanian army.

  3. Dario - you are right, correct is Patent = Letter of recruitment

    Michal, date is mentioned in the second paragraph (it is in Russian): 14 Dec 1654. In the title - 5 December, because it's Gregorian
    Very interesting is the third paragraph (in Russian): "[the text] is written in Minsk by Piotr Kanashewski, podstolni of Minsk. The patent for a Cossack choragwie was given to him by Stefan Zablotcki, Rosudowski pacholik, to put it into Minsk's books" (sorry for confusing text). So the patent was given by King earlier, but Kanashewski got it from Zablotcki & booked on 5/14 Dec 1654

  4. I've noticed that date and that's why I was surprised - as banner was supposed to be in service for more than one year before date here :)

  5. Do you know when the choragwie was included in payment roll? If the ordonance/patent was booked in Minsk in Dec 1654, then when it was created in reality?

  6. Unit took part in muster in September 1653 so it had to be part of Lithuanian 'komput' at least from that year (maybe from August), maybe even longer (some units were in service since 1651). Maybe in summer 1654 banner was destroyed in battles against Muscovites and new 'list przypowiedni' (letter of recruitment) was issued? Problem is, that seems that this banner is in service for whole 1653-1659 period without any breaks...