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GNW Campaign of 1706, part III, Swedish troops in Poland, end Oct 1705

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According to the materials I have, Carl XII had in Poland in Oct 1705 his Drabanten, 9 Reiter, 10 Dragoon & 14 Infantry regiments.  

Allied Polish-Lithuanian troops included Corps under King Stanislaw I (8 Polish & 17 wallachian choragwies; totaled ab. 1,500) in Warsawa, Polish Corps under I. Potocki (ab. 3,000; location is unclear) & Lithuanian Corps under Sapieha (ab. 2,000; location is unclear). Stanislaw’s Foot Guard was destroyed by Russian dragoons in Praha in October 1705. Stanislaw’s dragoons were forming in Cracow & were destroyed by Smigelski in Nov 1705. 
1.      Royal army in Blonia: Drabanten, 2 Reitars (Livregementet till hast & Sodra Skanska), 4 Dragoons (Meierfelt, Taube, Ducker, Stenbock), 2 Infantry (Livgardet till fot, 4 batts; Pommerska varvade or Horn, 2 batts), Enspannare company (company of general-quartermaster, mounted guides).
2.      Warsawa garrison under GL Niroth: 3 Reitars (Ostgota, Vastgota, Upplands tremännings or Kruse), 2 Infantry (Dal & Uppland)
3.      Corps under GL Stromberg in Cracow: 4 Infantry (Ostgota, Skaraborg, Jonkoping, Kalmar)
4.      Army under GFM Rehnskiold: 3 Reitar (Norsa Skanska; Nylands och Tavastahus; Adelsfanan i Sverige och Finland, 4 coys), 5 Dragoons (Livdragonregementet, Skånska Ståndsdragonregementet, Pommerska or Muller,  Bremiska or Krassaw, Verdiska or Marschalk), Wallachians (ab. 2 sqns), 5 Infantry (Kronoberg, Narke-Varmland, Sodermanland, Vastmanland, Vesterbotten) – around Poznan?
5.      Garrison of Elbing: Elbingska garnisonsregementet (col. K. Ekeblad)
In the next post I will give details about Saxons & Poles

Text is updated on Apr 24,2011

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  1. I would like to thank Dan Schorr for his remarks & assistance.
    In the first variant of the post I mentioned that I don't know the location of the Bremiska Reitars (C.G. Horn). According to George Tessin, "Die Deutschen Regimenter der Krone Schweden",
    Teil II, the Bremiska kavalleriregementet returned to Bremen in 1705 and was
    there through 1706. Hoglund mentions that this troop arrived in Poland in 1702 & remained until 1707.
    In the first variant I also mistook Skanska Standsdragon under C.H. Albedyhl with Dragoons under H.O. Albedyhl raised in 1706. The 5th Rehnskiold's Dragoons was Bremiska under Krassaw.
    The last remark is about Skaraborg infantry. According to Dan's materials (J. Mankell, "Anteckningar rörande Svenska
    Regementernas Historia". Örebro, 1866) Skaraborg was in Cracow with its chief GL Stromberg. And then in Nov-1705 moved to Warsawa where joined Main army for Grodno campaign. But according to an other Mankell's work (Mankell J. "Uppgifter rorands Svenska Kriegsmagtens..." Stokholm 1866 s. 392) & Adlerfelt (vol. II, p. 179) Stromberg joined Carl with 4 regiments: Ostgota, Vastgota, Jonkoping, Kalmar. No any mention of Skaraborg... So, it's location is still unclear. Evidently it left Cracow with Stromberg, because when Smigelski investigated the town in the end of November he found only week Stanislaw's troops. Maybe Skaraborg stayed in Warsawa?

  2. Shame on my head! And once again many thanks to Dan Schorr for his assistance! Vastgota Infantry stayed in homeland & on the fleet till 1709 (see Hoglund's work for details). Adlerfeld's 'Vastgota' is Skaraborg infantry. These regiments were raised in the same regions. The mistake became clear if you look at the regimental chiefs/commanders. For 'Vastgota' is Stromberg