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GNW Campaign of 1706, part II, Allied (Russians, Saxons, Poles, Lithuanians) winter quarters in Eastern Poland & Lithuania, Nov 1705

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Winter campaign 1705-06 raises my great interest. I don’t know any complex research which covers both Fraustadt & Grodno (Hrodno) campaigns. Here in the blog I will try to summarize materials I have. I start from the beginning of November 1705. Swedes hadn’t yet agreed their plan for winter campaign & didn’t concentrate forces around Warsaw. Russian main army took winter quarters around Grodno. Some other smaller Corps (mostly cavalry) covered its position from Pultusk to Lublin. From Livland army in Riga Russian main army was covered by a Corps under Rosen in Courland. According to materials I have, allied winter quarters in Nov 1705 were the following:
1.      Courland Corps under GL G. von Rosen: 7 dragoon regiments (ab. 3,500-4,000) & 10 battalions (ab. 4,000)
2.      Garrison of Cowno, 300 Streltzy & dragoons under captain F. Kurkowski von Lukovan
3.      Main Army under GFM O’Gilvy: 17 regiments (34 batts; 21,950 men, see my previous post http://rusmilhist.blogspot.com/2011/04/russian-army-at-grodno-january-march.html )
4.      Garrison of Tykocin: Streltzy regiments I. Nechaev (commandant) & M. Protopopov, totaled ab. 1,000
5.      Brigade GM I. Henskin, 5 dragoon regiments, ab. 3,500 (see previous post)
6.      Brigade GM G. Pflug, 5 dragoon regiments, ab. 3,500 (see previous post)
7.      Malorussian Cossacks under hetman I. Mazepa (ab. 7,000-10,000) & Corps under S. Nepluev (1 dragoon & 4 weak foot regimets, around 2,500)
8.      Lithuanians under Grand Lithuanian Hetman Wisniowecki (ab. 50 choragwies) & Lithuanian dragoons under gen. Sinicki, totaled ab. 5,000
9.      Lithuanians under Pocei, ab. 1,500
10.   Saxon Cavalry under GL Brause: 6 Cuirassier (Lieb, Kurprinz, Konigin, Eichstadt, Winckel, Flemming) & 4 Dragoon (Leib, Milkau, Brause, Schulenburg) regiments, totaled ab. 4,000
This post is about only allied forces in Eastern Poland & Lithuania. Later I will add the post about a situation in Poland & Baltic provinces.  

I will be appreciate if someone could add any info or recommend any additional source.

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  1. Pocei will be in fact Ludwik Konstanty Pociej, who since July 1703 was Lithuanian Field Hetman. He lost that rank though in November 1704, when H. Ogiński became new Field Hetman.
    Although I do not have Lithuanian OOB from 1706 I can provide You with earlier one (from 1704) and later one (from March 1708). Maybe that info could be of any assistance?


  2. I do apologise, wee mistake. Ogiński became Field Hetman in November 1703, so Pociej was hetman only for just few months...

  3. The data from the current post has mistakes. See updated version here:
    Oginski & Wisnioweski had fallen out & both accused each other in negotiations with Carl & Stanislaw. It was the main reason why they stayed separately. Oginski was in Samogitia (he was starosta there). Wisniowecki in the end of October was on Bug river. He moved to Podlaskie region in January. Finaly Oginski & Wisniowecki agreed to combined their forces in the end of February 1706. But after clash with Ducker at Olkeniki (Wolkoniki) they split again