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Swedish garrison of Riga, 10 July, 1710 (Capitulation)

Several days ago I posted a list of Riga garrison in Oct 1709 from Swedish sources (see here: http://rusmilhist.blogspot.com/2011/04/swedish-garrison-of-riga-end-of-sept.html ). It includes 12 IRs. I identified all of them except for “Ov. Dyker”. Maybe it’s Savolax (och Nyslotts) regemente? It was in the garrison of Dunamunde & capitulated several days after Riga’s fall. Hoglund mention that it was under col. J. von Cronman. No any Dyker (Duker) is mentioned as an infantry colonel at all.
Russian “Gistoria Sveyskoi voiny” (History of a war with Sweden) written by Peter the Great’s secretary Makarov has a list of Swedish garrison of Riga on July 10th, 1710 (date of capitulation). It includes data by regiments. There 11 IRs in it. Finish indelta are named after provinces, all other – after commanders. I identified all of them except
-        Ov.-lieut. Bekker regiment (25 officers & 358 other ranks by July 10,1710)
-        Ov. Wilhelm Bekker (25 officers & 314 other ranks)
I will be pleased if someone could check these names (Dyker/Duker & both Bekker/Becker) in Lewenhaut’s Karl XII:s officerare.
               On July 10, 1710 Swedish garrison numbered 5 132 men, incl. 2 905 sick & ill. Swedish GM Clodt told Russians that epidemic of plague started when “a dog with 2 heads swam across Duna river from Kurland”.
Реестр, коликое число в Риге было людей (10 июля 1710)

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  1. Julius Mankell in 'Uppgifter...' mentioned name of Becker in brackets (as 'Beckers?') in Baner's regiment - maybe he was in charge of that regiment? He then mentioned J.W. von Becker as commanding one of foot regiment in Riga in 1710. he also write about Becker's regiment in Riga as early as 1708.

  2. Thanks to Dan Schorr & Bengt Nilsson I got additional info. Bekkers are Becherns:
    - Johan Wilhelm von Beckern, Colonel of Livländskt infanterieregemente
    - Herman Fredrik von Beckern, Lieutenant Colonel Mengdens Livländskt infanteriregemente
    I will update both posts about Riga garrison & add one more table dated 9 Nov 1709