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Saxon Auxiliary Corps in Hungary, 1686

Sachsen-Weissenfels Infantry, 1685
(Bibliotheque nationale de France)
Loben Infantry, 1685
(Bibliotheque nationale de France)
Saxon Auxiliary Corps in Hungary in 1686 was about 4,700 men. It left Saxony in April & joined Austrian army at Gran on 3 of June. Then it participated in the siege of Ofen (8 June -23 Aug.). Troops returned home in November of 1686. See Corps campaign journal here (link)
Corps commander was General-Wachtmeister Herzog Christian Heinrich Sachsen-Weissenfels. The Corps composed of:
- Herzog Christian Heinrich Sachsen-Weissenfels, oberst-leutnant Georg Heinrich Karlowitz
- oberst v. Kuffer (Kieffer), oberst-leutnant v. Schmerzing
- oberst v. Loben, oberst-leutnant v. Rochow
Each regiment was of 8 coys in 2 battalions, totaled 1.182 men

- General-Wachtmeister  Graf Trauttmannsdorff, oberst-leutnant v. Plotz
- oberst v. Plotho, oberst-leutnant Schachmann
Each regiment of 6 coys, 609 men.
Kiffer Infantry, 1685
(Bibliotheque nationale de France)
Source: Schuster's & Francke's Geschichte der Sachsischen Armee, B. 1, S. 110-111.
Images are from: Uniformes de l'Electorat de Saxe by unknown author (available at Gallica, link)
See also: Saxon troops sent to Vienna in 1683 (link)
Plotho Reiterie, 1685
(Bibliotheque nationalede France)

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