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Brandenburg-Prussian army in 1660-1661

Rang- und Quartierliste der Preußischen Armee von 1660
List of Brandenburg-Prussia generals & senior officers, 1660
(GStAPK, link)
Brandenburg army was seriously reduced after the Treaty of Olive in 1660. By October of 1661 it consisted of 10.220 of infantry, 680 of cavalry, 700 dragoons plus General Stab & artillery. They were divided into two parts/divisions, one in "Brandenburg" provinces (parts of the Holy Roman Empire) & Ducal Prussia:
- Brandenburg: 7000 of infantry, 150 of cavalry & 300 dragoons
- Prussia: 3220 of infantry, 530 of cavalry & 400 dragoons
See details of garrisons below. The source is: Jany C. Geschichte der Preusichen Armee. B. 1. S. 195. 199/
List of the Brandenburg army's senior officers in 1660 is at the left (click the image to enlarge it)
Troops in Prussia:

Troops in Germany:

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