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French army under Marechal de Bezons at the siege of Landau, 1713

Attaque de Landau commencé la nuit de 24 au 25 juin et compris le 19 Aout 1713 quil a capitulé
(Link to a large copy: link)

Landau was besieged on 25 June of 1713 by a French army under Marechal Jacques Bazin de Bezons (see wiki on him: link). The operations were covered by an Observation army under Marechal de Villar. The garrison agreed to capitulate on 19 August of 1713 (see details on it here: link). I found two French BO's for the Landau siege, one from Quincy & the other from Feldzuge des Prinzen Eugen. They slightly differ from each other. According to the Feldzuge des Prinzen Eugen von Savoyen (Band 15, S. 516) Bezons had 63 batts & 73 sqns:

According to Quincy Histoire militaire du regne de Louis le Grand (T. 7, S. 221-222) Bezons had 59 batts & 50 sqns:

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