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Siege of Ath, 1-9 October 1745

Allied garrison at Ath was blocked on 26 September, but operations started on 1 October when main French troops under Clermont arrived. It composed of the following infantry regiments: de Picardie, d'Auvergne, Montboissier,Touraine, Rohan, Laval, la Fère, Haynaut, Nivernois, Beltens, Soissonnais, Dauphiné, Lowendal & a battalion of Artillery. Allied commander was Austrian Generalfeldwachtmeister Heinrich Graf v. Wurmbrand-Stuppach, second-in-command was British Brigadier Lord Sempill. The garrison composed of a British battalion of Sempill (25th) regiment & a Dutch battalion of de Guy (10 coy) regiment, totaled ab. 1,200. It capitulated on the 9th of October on the terms of free passage to Brussel & left the town on the 11th (see details in the journal of the siege below). 

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