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Russian army at Konotop, 5-6 June 1659

This entry is a short English summary from outstanding article (in Russian): Бабулин И.Б. Состав и численность русского войска в Конотопском походе 1659. // Единорогъ: Материалы по военной истории Восточной Европы эпохи Средних веков и Раннего Нового времени. Вып. 2. М. 2011. СС. 80-109. 

Russian army at Konotop under suprim command of A. Trubetskoy composed of 3 Corps:
1. "Bolshoy Polk" (Main army) under A. Trubetskoy, ab. 12,500
- Moscow nobles, 9 "sotnia", 982
- local gentry, 39 "sotnia", ab. 4,450
- Reitar regiments Venedikt Zmeev, Hans von Strobel, William Johnson, 2,739
- Dragoon regiments Semen Bring, Iohan von Howen & Yuri Gultsin, dragoon coys in Zmeev & Strobel Reitars, ab. 2,000
- Moscow Streltzy Polteev, Matveev, Alexandrov, Mesherinov, 2,341
2. "Ryazan Polk" under F. Kurakin, ab. 4,000
- local gentry, 20 "sotnia", ab. 1,750

- Dragon regiment Christoph Yunkman, 440
- Moscow Streltzy Skorniakov-Pisarev, Lopukhin, Volkov, Spiridonov, ab. 1,790
3. "Belgorod Polk" under G.G. Romodanovskiy, ab. 7,300
- local gentry, 12 "sotnia", ab. 1,070
- a squadron of lancers, 220
- two squadrons of reitars under Sas & William von Halen, 1,091
- Dragoon regiment I. Yanwalt, 390
- Foot regiments Philipp von Buckhowen, Yakov Lesly, Iohann Krafert, Iohann von Zager, 4,300
- Don Cossacks, 250
So, Russian troops totaled about 23,800 men with 73 cannons & 3 mortars. They were supported by 7,000 Ukranian Cossacks under I. Bespaliy. See additional details in Russian in the previous entry. 

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  1. Gromoboy, Do you have any clue about how would the Moscow Nobles and the local gentry be dressed? Same as Dragoons?

    1. I know images of feudal levy in the sec. half of XVII c., but don't know any of Russian dragoons

      I assume, that Moscow nobls could have armour. While local gentry didn't use any armour. In fact they were a light cavalry armed with a sabre, pistoles & carbine. The same as the most of szhlachta in the Times of Potop

  2. Thank you very much, Gromoboy! (:
    Also, could you share the images of feudal levy in the sec. half of XVII c.that you know?

    1. You can find some images of 16c. (not 17th) feudal levy here^
      and some reconstructions are here

  3. Dear Gromoboy,

    Thank you very much! (:

    All the best.