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Gosudarev Polk in the Smolensk campaign of 1654 (Государев полк в Смоленском походе 1654)

As I wrote once, Gosudarev Polk (Tzar's Own Corps) was the most privilege unit of the feudal mounted levy. It consisted of "sotnia"s (unit of about 100 men) raised from high-ranked & richest Moscow nobles & gentry. The Corps took the field only with Tzar. In the Smolensk campaign of 1654 it consisted of 15 "sotnia" of Moscow nobles & gentry, 17 "sotnia" of selected provincial gentry (so-called "zyltcy"), 20 "sotnia" of the provincial gentry. Also Gosudarev Polk included Rylskiy's Hussar regiment, A. Lesli, A. Gibson & K. Yander Foot, K. de Speville Dragoons
Source: Дворцовые разряды. т. 3. СПб, 1852, стлб 415-417

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