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Saxon court & military dress in 1719 by C. Kayser

Saxon Grand Musketeer
by Ch. Kayser, 1719
Staatliche Kunstsammlungen, dresden
Album "Sächsisch-polnische Hoftrachten und Militäruniformen beim Einzug 1719 in Dresden" by Christian Ehrenfried Kayser from Staatliche Kunstsammlungen in Dresden is now available on-line (link). It contains of 87 images of the Saxon court & military dress in 1719. Some of them are very interesting. Unfortunately, a number of military uniforms is very limited, the most are various court officials. 

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  1. Salve,
    in actuality this is the Polish-Saxon court and military dress, the plates composed due to the important event that took place in Dresden in 1719. Namely, prince Augustus (future August III of Poland) married Maria Josepha of Hapsburg dynasty in Vienna in August 1719, but the wedding party took place in Dresden. They had 14 children together.

    1. Dario, thank you for the additional explanation, I didn't know these details