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Venetian BO in the battle of Argos, 10 June 1695

Ordine di Battaglia Data nella Campagna d'Argos Presso la Manara nel Regno della Morea li 10 giugno 1695 a Ibraim Pascia Seraschiere
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A friend of mine sent me a link to a Greek site with Venetian Battle order in the battle of Argos, then I found it in a good resolution on a site of Italian digitized libraries (see above). Ottoman troops under Bechir Pasha made an assault to Argos & Monemvasia in Morea, but met with Venetians under General Steinau at a place called Manara, not far from Argos. After a fierce battle Ottomans were defeated & retreated. According to the BO Steinau had 25 battalions & 12 squadrons, totaled ab. 7-8,000 with 15 cannons.

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