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Taking of Rheinberg, 2-6 June 1672

"Plattegrond van Rheinberg, veroverd door de Fransen in 1672" by Gaspar Bouttat
(CLICK TO ENLARGE, source: Rijksmuseum, link)
Rheinberg was one of the key Dutch strongholds in their frontier defense system. It’s garrison was about 1,500 of various independent companies under commandant Colonel Daneil baron D’Ossory (in some sources he is lieutenant-colonel). It was besieged by French army under Prince Conde on 2 of June 1672 & soon capitulated on 6 of June. 

Siege of Rheinberg by Lambert de Hodt
According to Olaf Nimwegen’s work Rheiberg burghers displayed a great zeal & readiness to defend the town to the utmost. In spite of that d’Ossory opened the gates without a single shot being fired. As the Dutch troops left the town the populace yelled after them: “You scoundrels, neither before God nor the world shall you be able to defend your deeds. You all deserve to be punish with the gallows”.  In September of 1672 D’Ossory was called to account by the General Court Martial. He was found guilty of cowardice & treason & was subsequently beheaded on 14 September of 1672.

So, official Dutch version is that Rheinberg was fell without any serious resistance. The siege is presented on two art works, by Gaspar Bouttat (1672) & Lamber de Hodt (I believe, that Bouttat’s drawing was the source for de Hodt). There are at least 4 clashes (sorties) on them, one on the left & three on the right banks of the Rhine. Unfortunately I didn’t find any description of the events from the French side. 

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