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Taking of Bausk, 24 September 1705

Bauske castle situated on a steep peninsula at the junction of Memel and Musa rivers.  Its garrison consisted of 250 infantry of Närke-Värmland tremännings infantry regiment under command of its Lieutenant Colonel Matias Gustav Staёl von Holstein and several artillerymen in 1705. There were 46 cannons (one 14-pdr, two 12-pdr, four 10-pdr, two 9-pdr, one 8-pdr, seven 7-pdr, 10 6-pdr, 10 5-pdr, four 4-pdr and five 3-pdr), eight 20-pdr howitzers (including two without mountings) and four mortars (a 240-pdr, a 140-pdr and two 40-pdr). The garrison was fully supplied with provision, stores and ammunition.

The castle was blocked by a Russian detachment of 3 infantry battalions (2 of N. Balck & one of Schweiden) & Du Mont Dragoons under Brigadier Nicolas Balck on 6 September 1705. But siege artillery arrived only after Mitau fall. On 22 September Russians built a battery with two mortars. Bombardment started on 24 September. Russians had thrown only 13 bombs, when Swedish garrison agreed to capitulate on the terms of free passage to Riga. Russians captured in Bauske considerable amount of stores and ammunitions: 293 bombs, 3780 cannon balls, 1184 grape-shots and 4059 hand grenades

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