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Brandenburg Auxiliary Corps in Hungary 1686

In 1686 Brandenburg agreed to provide an Auxiliary Corps of 10 infantry battalions, 2 reitar & one dragoon regiments on Imperial service. Troops under command of Generallieutenant Hans Adam von Schoning:
The total in source above is incorrect. It doesn't include artillery, train (1.027 men) & some others. The right total is 12.135 men.
Cavalry regiments under converged. The first under Oberst Hans Christoph v. Straus was created from detached companies of Leib, Kurprinz, Markgraf Ludwig, Anhalt, Spaen & Derfflinger regiments. The second under Oberst Prinzen Heinrich von Sachsen-Barby was from Briquemault, Brock & Hulsen regiments.
Dragoon regiment under Oberst Graf Heinrich zu Dohna was created from detached companies of Leib & Derfflinger regiments.
Artillery was of 9 3-pdr & 3 6-pdr cannons, 2 mortars & 2 howitzers with 223 men.
The Corps left Brandeburg in the end of April 1686 & in June joined Imperial army under Prinzen Karl V Lothringen at the siege of Ofen (Buda). It participated in the both assaults & lost about 3,000 men during the siege. In autumn Brandenburg troops returned home. 

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