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Siege of Temeswar, 31 Aug. – 13 Oct. 1716.

Plan de la Ville et Attaques de Temeswar ou Sont Margque les Lignes de Circonvalation avac e le Campement des Trouppes de L'Empereur Cette Ville. . . 13e. Octorbre 1716
Drawing by Gaspar Baillieul
Temeswar was an Ottoman province center & a key fortress in Hungary with a very strong garrison & artillery. It was held by 14,000-strong garrison under Mustafa pasha, the beylerbey (governor) of Timisoara (Teweswar), & Mehmed aga Azebani, the commandant. It includes about 1,500 of Spahi, 6,000 of Janissay & Arnauts, the rest were local troops. The artillery was of 156 guns: 123 bronze canons (with calibers ranging from a quarter pound to 48 pounds/weight of the shells), 16 iron canons (with calibers ranging from half a pound to 70 pounds), 9 bronze mortars (with calibers ranging from 60 to l00 pounds) end 8 howitzers (with calibers ranging from one pound to 48 pounds).

The fortress was investigated by Imperial troops soon after the victory at Peterwardein. The siege army under Prince Eugen von Savoyen was of 71 battalions of infantry (33 regiments, see details on the seige map), 61 sqns of Dragoons (10 regs), 89 sqns of Cavalry (21), 25 sqns of Hussars (5) & 9 sqns of irregulars (2) with about 100 siege cannons & mortars.
See Schlachtordnung der Kaiserlichen im Lager vor Temeswar, 20. September 1716 here (link)

Siege works opened on 31 August. Imperials made several batteries (see the siege map for details) & opened severe bombardment. Finally on  12/13 of October they made an assault in 5 storming columns of 30 coys of grenadiers & 30 batts. The attack was successful & garrison agreed to capitulate on the terms of free passage. Imperials lost 455 & 1487 wounded on the assault. The total loss during the siege was additional 4,000. Ottoman losses are unknown, but evidently they were high, because 62 Ottoman cannons (41%) were completely destroyed during the bombardment. 

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