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Saxon officer of Prinz Carl Chevaulegers, 1745-1756

Unknown Saxon officer
Villa Nuova Fine Arts collection contains a small portrait miniature of unknown officer in green dress (link). I assume, that it presents an officer of the Saxon Prinz Carl Chevaulegers. It was raised in 1733 as mounted jagers, since 1735 - Prinz Carl von Sachsen Chevaulegers, since 1758 - Duke Carl von Kurland Chevaulegers. According to Wolfgang Friedrich' Die Uniformen der Kurfurstlich Sachsischen Armee the regiment wore in 1745-67 green coats with red cuffs & collar, yellow buttons, red camisole (see the image below). He mentions that an epaulet was introduced in chevaulegers in 1756 (Prinz Carl regiment had the epaulet of gold lace & yellow metal). So, the portrait evidently was made pre-1756.
The officer's coat is decorated with gold lace. It was a common practice that time.
Colonel (1756) & Standartenjunker (1748) of Prinz Carl Chevaulegers
Drawings from Friedrich's Die Uniformen der Kurfurstlich Sachsischen Armee

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