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French & Allied troops in the battle of Speyerbach, 25 November 1703

Plan de la bataille de Spire Gagnée par l'armée du Roy comandée par M. le Marechal de Tallard.
by Nicolas de Fer
(see the image in higher resolution at Gallica: link)
The battle of Speyerbach or La bataille de Spire took place on 15/25 of November 1703. Allied troops under Prince Frederik of Hessen-Cassel (later the king of Sweden) planned to relief the siege of Landau, & they took positions near Speyer waiting for reinforcements. But on 15/25 Allies were attacked & defeated by outnumbered French forces under Marshal de Tallard. See detailed description here (link).
Allied BO under Prince Frederik of Hessen-Cassel :
French BO under Tallard:

Source: Feldzuge des Prinzen Eugen von Savoyen. B. 5. 

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