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Bavarian troops at Vienna, 1683

Bavarian infantry at Wien, 1683
from Munich's work (link)
(Bibliotheque nationale de France)
Kurfurst Max Emanuel agreed to provide the Emperor an Auxiliary Corps of 8,200 men: 4,800 of infantry & 3,400 of cavalry. Corps commander was Generalfeldmarschall-Leutnant Degenfeld. It composed of the following troops:
Infantrie (4): Degenfeld, Steinau, Preysing, Berlo (later Mercy) - each regiment was of 6 coys 200 men each (see more, link). First Perouse Foot was to participate in the campaign, but on 15 of July it was replaced by Preysing.
Reiterie (4): Bartls (Munster), Haraucort (Arco), Beauvau, Schutz - each regiment was of 6 coys of 101 men (see more link 1 & link 2).
Dragoner, two half (halb) regiments or squadrons: Red & Blue, each of 4 coys
Artilerie: 26 regimental pieces, 20 field pieces & 2 mortars with 1,022 horses & 287 men
Cavalry was divided into 2 brigades:
- GWM von Munster: Munster & Schutz, Blaue Dragoner
- GWM Marquis von Beauvau: Beauvau & Arco, Rote Dragoner

Source: Staudinger's Geschichte der kurbayerischen Heers unter Kurfurst Max II. B. 1. S. 159-161

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