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Siege of Landau, 12 Sept - 25 Nov 1704

Imperial troops invested Landau on 9 Sept 1704. French garrison under General-Lieutenant Yrieix Masgonthier de Laubanie composed of 12 battalions of infantry, 3 coys of Artillery, 2 Frei-coys & 2 sqns of cavalry -  totaled ab. 5,000.
List of new destinations of the Landau garrison troops after its capitulation.
Source:  Marcin, Ferdinand de. Campagne de M. le Marechal de Marsin en Allemagne. B. 2. S. 265.
The siege started on 12 Sept, when the main forces under Louis von Baden came. He had 52 battalions & 48 squadrons.

Source: Feldzuge des Prinzen Eugen von Savoyen. B. 6. S. 573-575.
The siege was very difficult & costly because of Laubanie's brilliant defense & wet weather. Finally the garrison capitulated on the terms of free passage on 25 November 1704 after 77-day siege. French lost about 3,000, allied troops - ab. 4-5,000. 

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