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French Bleinheim's remnats from Tallard's army, 10 Sept 1704

Villier wrote to Chamillart on 10 Sept 1704 from Octfeld that only the following troops of cavalry escaped after Bleinheim from the Tallard's army of Germany

Source: Marcin, Ferdinand de. Campagne de M. le Marechal de Marsin en Allemagne. B. 2. S. 49-50.

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  1. Hello!

    Do you think you one day can make a post of the Battles of Erastfer 1701 and Hummelshof 1702 on your blog? I would very much appreciate that since there is barely any information at all in Sweden about them.


    1. Ok, I ll do. For me Erastfer & Hummelshof are easy topics, Vinna & Leszna in 1704 are much more challenging.