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Siege of Ghent, 11-15 July 1745

Ghent was the main Austrian base & magazine in Flandres. In July of 1745 it was held by two British battalions from 1st & 23rd regiments under command of Austrian gouvernor GFWM Baron Kieseghem. Soon after the battle of Fontenoy, French sent a Corps under General-Lieutenant Lowendahl to investigate the city. Allies immediately sent reinforcements to Ghent, but they were repulsed at Melle on 10 July of 1745 by French under General-Lieutenant Chayla (8 battalions & 24 squadrons).  Next day Lowendahl with 4 regiments of Dragoons & 4 of Grenadiers Royaux (total about 5,000) surprised the garrison & took the city without any serious resistance. The weak garrison closed at Ghent citadel. Then Lowendahl was reinforced by Chayla, combined French forces reached 15,000. French siege artillery arrived on 13 of July & the first battery of six cannons was ready on the next day. British soldiers decided not to wait a bombardment & agreed to capitulate the next day.  
"Relation exacte de la prise de Gand Le 11 juillet 1745" is available on-line here (link)

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