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Amazon company in Balaklava, March-May 1787

Left: Drawing of Amazon company uniform made in 1848.
Right: A portrait of Angelina Kachioni. By J. Von Lampi. Ab. 1795.

Слева: Рисунок костюма Амазонской роты,
 исполненный по описанию Е.И.Сарандовой (Шидянской). 1848 г.
Справа: И.Б.Лампи Младший. Портрет Ангелины Качиони.
 Ок. 1795 г. Х.м. (до 1917 г. был в частном петербургском
 собрании И.И.Лемана).

(Военно-исторический журнал «Цейхгауз». № 6. 1997. С. 17)
The company of Amazons was a short-living ceremonial troop created in March-May of 1787 to meet Empress Ekaterina II of Russia & Emperor Joseph II of Austria during their journey through Southern Russia & Crym. It was raised from 100 wifes & daughters of Greeks whom served in Balaklava Greek Settled Battalion. They were dressed in unified Greek festive attire. It consisted of a turban, a black jacket & long red skirt. You can see their dress & a portrait of one of Amazon’s “officers” at the left. Amazons were armed with old-styled long-barreled Greek muskets. They were about 1,5 meters long. The "company" was disbanded shortly after Ekaterina's & Joseph's visit to Balaklava in May of 1787.

Source: Кибовский А. Амазонская рота 1787: курьез или первое женское подразделение в России? // Военно-исторический журнал «Цейхгауз». № 6. 1997. СС. 16-19.

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