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Imperial army under O. Piccolomini in Spanish Flanders, Dec. 1638

According to Elster's data Imperial army under FM Ottavio Piccolomini-Pieri in Spanish Flanders was of 45 mounted coys (4247 men) & 67 foot coys (12 035 men) in December of 1638. In Luxemburg on winterquarters were 5 additional foot regiments (around 6,000): Adelshofen (10 coys), Le Fosse (10 coys), Fernemont (9 coys), Beckh (6 coys). These troops were under Piccolomini command at the relief of Thionville on 7 July 1639.

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  1. Hey! Wasn't Guilleaume de Lamboy part of the imperial troops? Good work indeed. Piccolomini also helped to relieve the siege of Saint-Omer earlier that year.

    1. As far as I know Lamboy was on Imperial service, not Spanish in 1639. And evidently he was under Piccolomini's comand (as the senior commander in Flanders)

    2. Elster wrote, that GWM Lamboy in Westphalia had the following troops:
      Kavallerie: Gonzaga, Lamboy, Boninghausen, Griscott, Leveati, 1 coy of dragoons
      Infanterie: Tiessenbach, Wangler