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Battle of Kalamata, 14 September 1685 (Conquest of Morea by Venetians)

De overwinningen in Griekenland bij Kalamata, 1685
From Hollandse Mercurius
After the taking of Koron Morosini sent his land army under general Degenfeld to Kalamata where were Ottoman land forces under Mustapha Pasha. Degenfeld had about 7,000. Ottomans were about 6,000 of foot & 2,000 of spahis. Field battle was won by Venetians & they took Kalamata castle without any serious resistance.
Venetian BO dated 14 Sept 1685 from Schwencke
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Important notes:

  • In front of first column on the right wing was Slavonian coy under Bonarel of 80 men.  
  • Second column on the right wing also included Garsoni & Hammer Venetian regiments (each of a single battalion)
  • Saxon Auxiliary Corps was of 3 regiments each of 10 coys: Schonfeld (red coats), Loppauer & Kleist (both in gray). In the battle of Kalamata they created 9 "field" battalions. 
  • 2 squadrons of the Corbon Dragoons (Venetian) were on the left wing
  • Venetians were supported by about 1,000 of Mani mutineers 

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