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Saxon garrison of Augustburg (Dunamunde) 1701

Swedish-held fortress of Dunamunde was taken by Saxons on 23 March 1700 (see details here: link). Saxons renamed the fortress to Augustburg & put a strong garrison there. In summer of 1701 it numbered about 1.300 men both Saxons & Russians under command of Saxon colonel Kanitz. After the battle of Dune the garrison was blocked by Swedes but they didn't make any attempts to take it. Finally garrison capitulated on 21 Dec. 1701 on the terms of the free passage. By that day it numbered 1024 men, both Saxons & Russians.
The Saxon part of the garrison numbered 935 men (incl. 838 privates) detached from various regiments (the source: link)
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Russian part of the garrison under lieutenant-colonel Herman Schwartz was of 365 men: 2 coys from Thomas Ungern Foot (152), one coy from Timofey Treyden Foot (105) & one from Dennis Rydder Foot (107).
The artillery of Augsburg was of 120 cannons, all of them were taken by Saxon when the fortress fall in the March of 1700. In addition Saxons placed at Augustburg their siege train of 77 siege cannons & 18 mortars (see details on them here: link)

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