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Imperial garrison of Landau, June-August of 1713

Landau siege "coins" of 2, 1 & 1/2 of Florin issued by Prinz Carl Alexander of Wurtemberg in 1713
(Sources: 2 Florins1 Florin1/2 of Florin )
Imperial garrison of Landau under Governor FZM Prinz Carl Alexander of Wurtemberg totaled 6700 men at the outbreak of the siege (see details about French siege army: link). It composed of 11 batts of infantry & some detached troops (see details below). At the end of the siege the garrison numbered 5876 men on 22 August, 1713 (Feldzuge des Prinzen Eugen... B. 15, S. 203), the losses were about 13 officer & 920 of other ranks killed.
During the siege Prinz Wurtemberg met with a lack of money to pay salary to his garrison. So, he issued so-called Ersatz-money - a special silver stamps of 2, 1 & 1/2 of Florin (1 Florin = 4 Kreuzer).

Source:  Feldzuge des Prinzen Eugen von Savoyen... Band 15. S. 175-176
The similar data is in Pelet & Vaults Memories militaire... T. 11, S. 617

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