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French troops under Conde at the siege of Lerida, 12 May - 17 June 1647

Siege of Lerida 1647 by Beaulieu
Great Conde besieged Lerida on 12 May 1647. His army consisted of 5.400 cavalry, 8.200 infantry with 45 cannons. Spanish garrison under maestre de campo Gregorio Britto de Carvalho was about 1.800 effective (from Guardia del Rey, tercios of Aguilar, Pedro Esteriz & Rodrigo Nino, German infantry regiment Louis de Amiel, & mounted troopers from cavalry regiments Flandes, Borgona, Rosellon & Ordenes. The composition of the French army & their positions around the city is below. The siege was abandoned on 17 June 1647.

Source: Colección de documentos inéditos papa la historia de España. Volume 95. Madrid, 1890. S. 272-274

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