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French expedition under Feuillade to Candia, 1668

Francois III d'Aubusson, Count de La Feuillade
Later the Duke & Marechal de France

In 1668 French King Louis XIV agreed to send a volunteer Corps to support a garrison of Candia besieged by Turks. It was numbered 600 men, all of them were volunteers. The command was given to Francois d'Aubusson Duke de La Feuillade (see Wiki on him, link). The Corps was divided into 4 Brigades (in fact - companies) of 100 men each under command of Count St.Paul, Duke de Caderousse, Count de Ville-maur & Duke de Chateau Thierry. The rest 200 (mostly nobles) were under La Feuillade.
The Corps left Toulon on 20 Sept 1668 & arrived to Candia on 3 Nov. On 16 Dec French made a large sortie from Candia. First they had success & took Turkish trenches, but then Turks pushed them back to the fortress with a loss of about 120 men. On 4 Jan 1669 the remnants of La Feuillade Corps left Candia & sailed back to France.
A Frenchmen, who participated in the La Feuillade expedition, wrote that only 230 men out of 600 left Candia, the rest were killed or died from sickness. This man also wrote that Candia's garrison in autumn of 1668 totalled about 7.000, & composed of numerous companies (see about de Ville's army sent to Candia in 1665, link), but the most of them were below 25 men. 

Source: A journal of the xpedition of M. de la Feiullade for the relief of Candy written in French by a jentleman who was a volunteer in that service. London, 1670. 

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