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Vellingk, Otto

Otto Velling
a portrait by unknown artist
unknown collection in Karlberg
Otto Vellingk (or Welling; 1649-1708) was one of the leading Swedish commanders at the beginning of the Great Northern war. But his profound portrait is hard to find. His well-known image (available on Wiki & other web-sources, link) was done in 1840s for Mellin's work about 427 most famous Swedes (Mellin G.H. 427 portratter af namnkunniga svenske man och fruntimmer. 1847, link). I also found a b/w photo of Velling's portrait from unknown collection in Kalberg (link). Evidently it was the source for the later engraving.
Right now the portrait is in Karlberg Castle (Swedish Military Academy). I'll be pleased for its image in a good quality.
Velling's service according to Lewenhaupt's Karl XII's officerre was the following:
- 1664 entered military service as a Lojtnant of a Swedish regiment in Bremen
- 1666 a Ryttmeister of Konigsmark cavalry regiment on French service
- 1668 a Major of the same regiment
- 1670, in one source I found that he became a colonel on French service
- 20/8 1676 received a pattern to raise an enlisted cavalry regiment on Swedish service
- Dec. 1676 distinguished in the battle of Lund, became a Friherre on 23/12
- 1678 Overste of Nylands och Tavastehus Rytters

- 21/2 1687 promoted to a General-Major
Otto Velling,
engraving of 1840s
Mellin's work (link)
- 1/10 1687 a Governor of Gästrikland, Hälsingland, Medelpad, Ångermanland Jämtland, Härjedalen and Lapland
- 23/12 1693 promoted to a General-Lieutenant & became a Governor of Scane
- 4/7 1698 promoted to a General of Cavalry & became a Governor of Ingermanland & Kexholm
- spring 1700, received a pattern to raise enlisted infantry & dragoon regiments in Ingermanland
- May 1700, a commander of Swedish relief forces (created from Finish troops) sent to Riga
- July 1700, couldn't prevent a crossing of Dune by Saxon-Polish troops & lost action at Probstinghoff (or Jungfernhof, modern Jumprava near Riga) on 28/7
- 30 Nov 1700, a commander of the Swedish right flank in the battle of Narva (see detailed BO here: link)
- 1701 participated in the battle of Dune river (Spilve)
- 1702 participated in the battle of Klissaw, promoted to a full General
- on 9 Nov 1704 he cut & destroyed with 5 mounted regiments a Russian train of Goertz's brigade (about 600 men) at Tillerot
- 1705 a member of the Royal Council & a President of the Abo Hovratt
- 1706 became a Graf (Greve)
- died on 19/5 of 1708

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