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Knorring, Henrik Johan

Henrik Johan v. Knorring, 1730-40s
unknown painter
By occasion I found a H.J. Knorring portrait. According to Lewenhaupt's Karl XIIs oficerare (s. 348-349) he was born in 1683. His military service was the following:
- since 10/5/1699 a volunteer in Narva garrison regiment
- Promoted to NCO rank in Vellings Ingermanland infantry regiment in 1700, participated in winter campaign of 1701
- 10/12/1701 lojtnant in Viborg fordubl. infantry, participated in the battle on Syster river
- 6/12/1708 kapten in Nylands fordubl. infantry
- 1709 transferred to Nylands ordinarry infantry
- 31/08/1714 a major in the same regiment (confirmed on 25/02/1717)
- 8/3/1718 a generaladjutant in the army of Jemtland
- 26/9/1721 at the army reduction became a kapten in Osterbottens infantry
- 18/3/1734 promoted to a major
- 1739 overstelojtnant
- 19/10/1741 became an overste of Bjorneborg infantry
- retired in 1749, died on 18/9/1752
I believe, the portrait is dated post-1734, or even post-1741 when he got colonel's rank (see Fredrik's initials on his gorget).

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