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Table of Prussian generals & colonels, XVII-XVIII c.

Tabelle zur Uebersicht sämtlicher Königl. Preuß. Generalfeldmarschälle, Generale von der Kavallerie und Infanterie, Generallieutenants, Generalmajors und Obristen, welche Regimenter gehabt haben : nach alphabetischer Ordnung, durch welche auch besonders die Familien bemerkbar werden, welche dem Staate im Militärdienste brauchbare Männer geliefert haben. Berlin, 1791. 32 S. (link)

See the rest here: (link).

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  1. Hello again!

    I have once more a question! It's not related to this article. It's about the Russian army. I simply wonder if Russia raised any regiments in the Baltic Provinces after conquest. I know that during The Swedish Era garrison regiments and regular regiments were raised in the fortified cities such as Riga, Narva, Dorpat, Reval, Pernau, usually supported by Finnish Regiments. So, mustn’t the Russian Army done the same to protect the Baltics from Swedish attacks with garrison and regular regiments supported with Russian Forces?
    I mean, obviously there must have been garrisons in the fortified cities like St. Petersburg and Riga, but in order to defend the provinces there must have been more regiments than that raised? If not all available units in the Baltics were regular Russian forces.

    1. The ex-Swedish provinces were free from recruitment obligation till 19 c., & Russian garrisons there were man by recruits from central regions, not locals. All military expenses were centralized, there were no any provincial budgets like in Sweden. Local authorities maintained only police, fire-teams & foresters