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Siege of La Knoque, 28 June-29 August 1744

The small Dutch fort La Knoque was held by a small garrison of around 100 men detached from Ypres & Furnes under Commandant Capitaine Comte de Hompesch. It was besieged on 28 June 1744 by a strong French Corps under Bouffler. According to the “Plan des attaques de la Knocke, en 1744” (see it at Gallica, click) it consisted of the following troops:
A part of "Plan des attaques de la Knocke, en 1744"
Bibliothèque nationale de France)
Infantry: Piemont, Bourbonnais, Rohan, Royal, Touraine, Noailles, Orleans, La Couronne, Richecourt, Valenceau, du Roy

Cavalry: Egemont, La Suze and Mestre de Camp Cavalry
Dragoons: Royal and Egemont 

French opened siege trenches on the west side of the fort & made two batteries (one with four cannons and a second with four mortars). The fort capitulated to the French on 29 August 1744 on the terms of free passages to Ypres. 

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