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Siege of Kaiserwerth, 15 April - 18 June 1702

Allied Dutch & Prussian troops under Dutch Field-Marshal Walrad of Nassau-Saarbrucken approached to Kaiserwerth on 15 of April before the official opening of the hostilities between France & Holland. They opened siege works on 18 of April. French garrison under marquis de Blainville was of 6 battalions according to Pelet. French BO in the "Feldzuge des Prinzen Eugen Savoyen" (B. 4, S. 735) presents the following troops: Royal (3), La Chatre (1), Artois (1), Agenois (1). At the same there are 11 battalions on the page 526 of the same work. 
Plan der Belagerung von Kaiserswerth
durch die Alliierten, 1702 by A.F. Pauli
The plan presents Allied troops after 11 of June
(Hessichen Staatsarchiv Marburg, link)
"Feldzuge des Prinzen Eugen Savoyen" mentions that Nassau-Saarbrucken had 12 foot & 7 cavalry Dutch regiments & 10 foot & 6 cavalry Prussian regiments at the start of the siege. According to my data he had only 6 Dutch regiments: De Mattha Dragoons (4 sqns), van Erbach (2), Wiser (2), Cralingen (2), graf van Nysle (2), Nassau-Weilburg (2). De Mattha Dragoons were of 4 squadrons & were divided into two parts in BO, that's why they were counted twice. Dutch infantry (12 regiments of a single battalion): Rantzau, Weyne, Capol (Swiss), Morall, Waldau, Strathnaver van Sutherland (Scottish), Colyear van Portmore (Scottish), Lochman (Swiss), Wilcke, Carls, Nassau-Weilburg, Dedem.
According to Jany's "Geschichte..." Prussian troops were under General von Heiden command. "Feldzuge..." mentions Prinz Leopold von Anhalt-Dessau.
Prussian infantry (10 regiments, 12 battalions): Prinz Philipp (2), Prinz Albrecht (1), Prinz Christian Ludwig (2), Lottum (1), Anhalt-Dessau (1), Anhalt-Zerbst (1), Varenne (1), Schlabern dorff (1), Endow (1), Canitz (1)

Prussian cavalry (6 regiments, 14 squadrons): Prinz Philipp (3), Barfus (3), Heiden (2), Bayreth (2), Schonning (2), l’Ostange (2)
Prussians had 12 cannons (evidently regimental)
Also Franconian foot regiment Janus von Eberstedt presented at the siege. 
Brief description of the siege is available here (link). Later additional Imperial troops joined the siege. 6 Hessen-Kasel battalions arrived on 11 June: Grenadiers, Leib, Lowenstein, Erbprinz, Schepping, Du Mont. Finally Nassau-Saarbrucken had 39 battalions & 28 squadrons with 80 cannons & 20 mortars. 
Allies made an unsuccessful assault on 9 of June. Dutch troops lost 24 officers & 464 other ranks killed, wounded 136 & 1311. Prussians lost 19 officers & 108 other ranks killed, wounded - 14 & 180. 
On 15 of June 1702 Blainville agreed to capitulate on the terms of free passage. The garrison left the fortress with 2 cannons & 2 mortars.   

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  1. I am quite curious about your sources, do have the one from Het Staatsche Leger bij Dr J.W. Wijn, Vol.8, part 1, pages 686? He has a slightly larger list of regiments present

    1. The troops mentioned in my blog were in Nassau's Corps in April of 1702 (12 foot regiments & 14 squadrons). Later additional reinforcments arrived.