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Battle of Konzer Brucke or Taverne, 11 August of 1675

Crossing of the Saar river during the battle of Konzer Brucke or Taverne, 11 August 1675
by M. Merian (Theatrum Europaeum. Band 11. 1682. Tafel 42)
In summer of 1675 the French garrison of Trier (7 battalions) was besieged by the Imperial army under Duke Karl IV of Lorraine. French army of 15,000 (12 battalions, 36 squadrons, see details below) under marshal Francois de Bonne de Crequi tryed to relive the city. Imperials left 9 battalions & 4 squadrons to blockade the Trier, the rest marched to meet Creque.
The Imperial army under Duke Georg Wilhelm of Luneburg & Duke Karl IV of Lorraine was of 11 battalions & 42 squadrons, mostly of Luneburg-Osnabruck & Lothringen troops (see details below). Imperials crossed the Saar river in 3 columns:
- right column under Austrian General-Wachtmeister Otto de Grana was of 16 Lothringen (12 of reitars & 2 of dragoons) & 2 Austrian (Chavagnag Dragoons) squadrons
- center column was of 11 infantry battalions with 14 cannons
- left column under Luneburg General de Cavalerie v.d. Lippe was of 24 squadrons (18 of Luneburg & Osnabruck, 6 Austrian)
Evidently the same was their BO on the battlefield. Allies successfully crossed the river & attacked French lines. After a 3-hour frierce battle Crequi was defeated & escaped to Trier. French lost ab. 2,000 killed, 1,600 PoWs, 80 colours & standards, 11 cannons & ab. 200 train waggoons. Imperial losses were about 1,000. French garrison of Trier soon capitulated.

Source: Janke A. Die Belagerungen der Stadt Trier in den Jahren 1673 bis 1675 und die Schlacht an der Conzer Brücke am 11. August 1675. Trier. 1890 

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