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Battle of Klushino, 24 June/4 July of 1610 by Szymon Boguszowicz

Below you can find a famous paint of the battle at Klushino on 24 June (4 July N.S.) of 1610 by Szymon Boguszowicz in a high resolution. Russians (Russian & Swedish troops) are at the right, Poles under S. Zolkiewski - at the left. The paint's size is 980x700 cm. Now it is in the Lvov Gallery of Arts.
Source is Руниверс

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  1. Of course it was 1610 as in title, not 1710 as in text ;)
    There used to be high quality gallery of this painting on hussar.com.pl, sadly no longer there.
    More than two years ago I wrote about it on my blog as well, commenting about how inaccurate is depiction of Swedes there:

  2. You know, that GNW is my favorite, so I put 1700s everywhere ;)

    You wrote in your blog that Swedes looks like the second half of XVII c. As far as I know Boguszowicz made the paint before 1620. He didn't present at Klushino but talked with eyewitnesses. And finally he presented the paint to the Court & Zolkiewski. So, I assume that it's very close to the reality. But Boguszowicz could use Imperial or German troops as a source.

  3. Painting was finished many, many years later and not by Boguszowicz, around 50's or 60's as I recall. That's why You have mix of clothes and armour there.

    1. I didn't know about it. Most of sources usually mention that the author is Boguszowicz himself & he finished the work before 1620.