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Polish artillery in 1654

Polish 12-pdr brass cannon made in 1642
Taken by Swedes in 1702 at Klissow
(Drawing by J.P. Thelott)

According to Tadeusz Nowak’s data (Nowak T. Polska artyleria koronna przed wojna 1655 - 1660 i podczas jej trwania //Wojna polsko-szwedzka 1655-1660. Warszawa, 1973.) Polish artillery (siege & field) in 1654 consisted of 245 brass & 118 metal cannons & 9 mortars. All of them were situated in 6 locations/arsenals. This number don’t include fortress artillery.    
List of Polish cannons in 1654

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  1. Also list do not include cannons that were in private hands, as part of magnate's private armies.

  2. Michal, do you have any materials about private armies 1648-67 & 1700-1717? Any estimations?

  3. Info about that is really scattered through different primary and secondary sources, I'm not aware of single volume that would cover that. From time to time I put some of it on blog, under tag 'wojska prywatne':
    but it is 1st part of 17th century that is much better documented than 2nd part.