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Capitulation of the Bavarian garrison of Rothenberg, 21 Sept 1703

Eigentliche Vorstellung Der Vestung Rothenbergs
by A.J. Felsecker (1717?)

First time Rothenberg was besieged during the Spanish Succession war on 8 May of 1703. That time Bavarian garrison consisted only of a coy of captain Preysing from P.S. de Berquere militia battalion. Bavarians under Maffei tried to reinforce the garrison but were beaten of by Janus d’Eberstedt on 23 May at Krottensee. Second attempt on 6 June was successful. Bavarians forced Janus to raise the siege & strengthened the garrison. But Austrians under General-Wachtmeister Aufsess (ab. 3,000) again besieged Rothenberg on June 17, 1703. They put batteries on a hill opposite the castle & easy forced Bavarians to capitulate. Garrison capitulated on Sept. 19, but they left the castle on Sept. 21.
Bavarian garrison, June-September 1703
Colonel count Sanbonifatio
- Free-coy Sanbonifatio (counts Sanbonifatio had a privilege to maintain own free-coy)
- battalion of Spielberg Foot (5 coys)
- Preysing’s coy of P.S. de Berquere militia battalion
Artillery consisted of 4 cannons, 1 mortar & a howitzer. 

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