воскресенье, 23 октября 2011 г.

Three painting of the battle of Vienna 1683 by Pandolfo Reschi

Paintings by Pandolfo Reschi (1643-1699) presents 3 episodes of the battle of Vienna in 1683. I don't know whether he presented there or not.Click to see the originals in higher resolution
Advance the Christian army in the center next to the Kahlenberg in the direction of Vienna

Fighting on the right wing of the Polish King at the foot of the mountain with the city of Vienna and the Danube in the background

Battle of the left wing below the Leopold's

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  1. Bit odd painting, as none of the soldiers above looks like Polish ;)

  2. Reschi was born in Danzig -) But as far as I understood from web-sources, Reschi in 1680s worked in Munich. So, evidently Bavarians present on all pictures -)

  3. Battle of Vienna without Poles - 'new history' present even in paintings from period I guess.

  4. Nevertheless interesting iconography - I wish someone would show the painting by Altomonte in Vienna, similar to the one in Ukraine.

  5. What's Altomonte's full name? I don't find any reference to his work