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Spanish cuirassiers in Flandres, 1641

Nice painting by Jacob Martsen de Jonge presents the Spanish garrison of Venlo leaving the town. It includes 2 troops of the Spanish horses. Both are cuirassiers in 3/4 armour & closed helmets. It seems to me that they didn't have lances or carbines/harquebuses, only pistols
Abbildung der spanischen Garnison, wie sie von Gennep nach Venlo zieht, 1641
by Jacob Martsen de Jonge (a part of the painting)

P.S. Doggy is very realistic -)

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  1. Very good equipment of Cavallos Corazas as for 1641 - such armour was slowly out of service by then in armies participating in TYW.

  2. Venlo was conquered by the Dutch in 1632 and retaken by the Spanish in 1637. I guess this sketch refers to the siege of Gennep. A good contribution, in any case. Thank you.

  3. Michal, I also paid attention to the armour of Spanish cuirassiers/corazas. I agree that it was old-fashioned for 1640s

    Baro, you are right.