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Drawing of Polish uhlans dated 1785

Site of Spanish Ministry of Culture contains an images of Polish unit named: "Uniforme de Ulanos o polaco a caballo para la guarnición de Viena en lugar del regimiento de Mecklenburgo" (click) dated 1785. Does anybody have any idea about this unit?

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  1. It should be a polish uhlan regiment in Austrian service. From the article at


    "The Uhlans were Polish lancers. The traditionally Polish light cavalry appeared in the Imperial Army first in the middle of the 17th century only for a short period. After more than a century, in 1772 part of Poland came under the Habsburg Emperor. The first uhlan unit, the „Uhlan Pulk” was raised in 1784 with 600 men for use against the rebellion in the Netherlands. That year the unit was made part of the regular armyand consolidated in two divisions and renamed „Uhlan Freicorps”. Next year a third division was added.

    In 1785, the Corps went to Vienna. The divisions were separated and added to three Chevauxleger Regiments (Lobkowitz, Levenehr, Modena) but remained until the sspring of 1787 in Vienna. In 1786, six new squadrons were raised and six divisions were organised for each Chevauxleger Regiment. In 1790, after the Turkish War, the six divisions were collected and a regular uhlan regiment was formed."

    Your blog is very interesting and full of difficult to find informations.