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Russian Dragoons in Poltava battle, June 27, 1709

Below is a table presenting actual strength & losses of the Russian Dragoons in Poltava battle. The end of the doc is lost, so the totals are unknown but the most of data are available.
There are 3 squadrons, 3 Horse Grenadiers & 24 Dragoons regiments in the table. Their strength was 20 106 men, excluding (!) officers. Average number of officers was 20-25 per regiment (shortage was high). Killed were about 770-780 (738 - in available part, plus 20-30 in Novotroick Dragoons & 2 squadrons (Ranenburg & Voronej).
  • Column 1 - Regimental names
  • Column 2 - Presented at the battle
  • Column 3 - Killed
  • Coumn 4 - Actual (The table was made after the battle. I don't agree with Krotov that it's dated June 27-28. Evidently it was made later, when troops were reinforced)
Source: Кротов П.А. Битва при Полтаве (к 300-летней годовщине). СПб, 2009. С. 386-387
Ведомость унтер-офицерского и рядового состава регулярных драгунских полков, участвовавших в Полтавской битве.

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