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Polish-Saxon BO at Riga in Livland, 4. August 1700

Marburg archive’s collection has a very interesting Polish-Saxon BO dated 4 August 1700. (http://www.digam.net/?dok=5753). It doesn’t meet with data from Schuster & Franke (Schuster O., Francke F.U. Geschichte der Sächsischen Armee. Leipzig, 1885, Teil 1). My main concerns are about Guard mounted units & converged grenadiers.

Feldlager der Polen gegen die Schweden vor Riga in Livland, 4. August 1700
Commanding officers:
FM Steinau,
second-in-command Duke of Courland
General-lieutenants: Bornstedt, Roebel
General-majors: Bretendorf (=Bentendorf), Venediger, Peust (=Beust)
1st Line
Right wing
- Flemming Dragoons
- Grenadiers a’Cheval 
- Carabinirs
- Garde du Corps
- Regiment du Roy (=Leib Reiterei)
- Grenadiers (I never meet a mention of the converged grenadiers in the Saxon army)
- Garde Polonais (? Polnische/1st Garde or Polish regiment of Royal Guard under Donhoff – both were in Riga campaign 1700)
- Garde la Reine (? Konigin Infanterie or Polish Queen’s regiment – both were in Riga campaign 1700)
- Maistre de Camp. General (? A company of Courland troops?)
- Garde Allemande (= Sachsische or 2nd Garde)
- Grenadiers
Left wing
- Maistre de Camp. General (? Courland troops?
- Carabinirs (?)
- Pr. De Weissenfels (Dragoons)
2nd Line
- Wallons (??? evidently Wallachians choragwies of the Lithuanian army)
- Roebel (Infanterie)
- Bornstedt (Infanterie)
- Wallaches (= Wallachians)
3rd Line
Right wing
- Flemming (? His dragoons were in 1st line)
- La Forest (Reiterei)
- Thiesenhausen  (Infanterie)
- Lithuanians (? They marked as infantry but Sapieha had only dragoons & light cavalry)
- Bentendorf (Infanterie)
Left wing
- Peust (= Beust Reiterei)
- Sanetki (= Sanosky Dragoner)

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